MAGISTRA Workbook (English)

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The unique workbook for PMU specialistsHow are you able to teach a beginner in permanent make up techniques in a qualitative way? That the information is reaching completely and trouble -free to the students that they don´t have knowledge gaps?I condensed my whole experience in a special structure and developed my unique learning method. I wrote the magistra workbook.This book is a great support to the aspiring specialist and trainer. It contains the entire competently structured theory.Everything is described clearly.But that's not the only thing that makes this learning book so special and valuable.I've developed a unique practical part about it. While working through the tasks, the student moves safely in the direction of the perfect result.6 techniques are described in the workbook:-

  • eyebrows-
  • lash line thickening
  • classic eyeliner
  • ombré eyeliner
  • powder lips
  • 3D lips
When you have learned the theory, you can immediately put this knowledge into practice.You won't find such a learning book anywhere anymore.The book contains 60 pages. 


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